16 Juli 2010


These last few days, I stumble upon buzzes on internet about the answer to the age-old dilemma, "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" It looks like some scientists had found out that the answer is... the chicken!


Why chicken? Turns out the eggshell can only be formed in the presence of a specific protein. This protein is only found in chickens' ovaries. So, the chicken must came first.


A few weeks back, Jen McCreight posted about this in her blog, quoting a wikipedia article. To sum up, the answer is indeed the egg because...
"Since DNA can be modified only before birth, a mutation must have taken place at conception or within an egg such that an animal similar to a chicken, but not a chicken, laid the first chicken egg."
In lay person terms, a chicken ancestor (but NOT a chicken by definition) conceived an egg. During the conception or inside the egg, a mutation had occurred and whatever grew inside the egg evolved into a chicken.

Naw... I checked whether the wikipedia article has been edited or Jen has posted a new article. Nope. Still the same.

I didn't do biology, never took any evolution courses and haven't finished (in fact, not even get through the first chapter of) Origin of Species. I read a few Oktar's, though. My take is, this proto chicken might have the same protein as the modern chickens have. So the answer is still the egg came first, because it wasn't a chicken that laid the first egg.

Or is it just a matter of definition? Potato potahto :P

#such a smart ass aren't I?
#of course, this argument only sounds if you're at least not an adnan oktar fanboys
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