02 Maret 2009


The other day I got a very nice email from Yahoo, notifying that they're closing down their Briefcase feature. That brings some bittersweet memories.

I mainly used Briefcase from mid-2003 to end-2004. My dad's notebook didn't have floppy drive, so I just put some things I need in Briefcase and download it at home (for those good-ol'-floppy era, check out this 1994 unaired 24 pilot). I had a USB flash drive since 2004 but, check this out, most computers I used back then were still using Windows 98! I know! But what can I say? Sometimes I can just install the driver using the preloaded CD (assuming that I don't need administrator access for that, which sometimes exactly the case), but most of the times it was plain easier to just upload it to, guess what, Briefcase.

So I had some ppt files, chat archive, email draft I was about to send to my sort-of-ex, some photographs and lots of other junks in that Briefcase. At that time, I also used geocities to host pictures for my blog, since blogger back then didn't allow direct photo upload.

The use of flash drive after that was inevitable since everyone using it. Beside my work at the office, I also did some freelances, all heavily relied on flash drive. Funny that when I used it most, I lost mine. Twice! I remembered that Sony was sort of worried because the last thing I load into the lost flash drive was a serial concept that we develop together, and he was afraid someone might stole it.

Here, I have online storage for my work at campus. A few months ago, I also start using Gspace. So essentially, if I don't have to change my OS, I don't count much on flash drive anymore. Except now I do.

When I start writing my thesis, I used zotero. The thing is that I had to use two different libraries at home and campus. Problem solved when I use zotero with portable firefox on my flash drive :)

*edo would say that this graph will look much more cooler with timeline

The fact that I practically rely my life on online storage and flash drive gives me chill sometimes. Just last week Gmail was down for 2.5 hours, and I started to panic. Oh well...

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