04 Januari 2009


blog readability test

LOL Huahaha!!! I guess I should be flattered... or insulted? Got there from another blog that requires college (postgrad) education to read :D

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  1. Oh yeah, and it's "high school" for my multiply and "genius" for my facebook profile :D

  2. mbak kok aku "genius" ya untuk blog aku, "high school" untuk multiply...hehehehehheh...ini pujian ato insulting ya?!kok aku curiga ya mbak...

  3. :lol:
    Yeah it was a mystery for me too. Truth is I wouldn't have pasted it on my sidebar if the generated result had been any lower than college, and would just pretend I've never heard of any reading-level testing. :mrgreen:

    As for the mystery, my best guess is they have a database of "word caste" based on "quality of word-meaning".
    The standard from which that quality is measured is beyond me, though.
    This is considering the only English post I've written was my profile. :lol:

    So I'm guessing, whether you write about some unpublished underground theories on agnosticism that no one's ever heard of or about a guide on nose-picking, it doesn't really matter.
    What matters is your choice of words. :wink:

  4. @fritzer:

    mungkin maksudnya pendidikan universitas jurusan bahasa indonesia :D