01 Desember 2008


Fear not my good woman. Lord Smoked Meats and Fishes has arrived!

Ow ohkay, it's not Freakazoid, it's Lord Bravery. But it's freakin' funny! I LOVE Freakazoid! Last time I saw the show on TV was about ten years ago (it's probably the only animation back then that air on 10 PM), it soon disappeared from Indonesian public TV. I once saw him in one of (pirated) VCD merchants in Salman's friday market (as the VCD, not the merchant), but I couldn't find him again the week after.

But of course, in the end, there's always youtube :D

Anyway, I stumbled into a Freakazoid for President group in facebook. I hope he'd reject the V.P. choice. Wouldn't it be cool if he runs for president in Indonesia instead? I will definitely vote for him :D

Hey, what is this place? Palm Trees. HULA GIRLS! Pineapples. HULA GIRLS! Surfboards. HULA GIRLS! HULA GIRLS! HULA GIRLS! Of course, it all adds up! I've somehow landed in Norway!

*picture was taken from wikipedia

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