20 September 2008


WARNING: this is a loooong ramble about nothing. just copy-paste it from my 43things, so if you're lost and curious about the context, just have a look there.

log #11

I know… it’s been forever since last time I logged. And you know what, the shooting is pretty much done, but I’ll talk about it later.

Just a quick review. Covering the thesis writing process. Some cutie cutie (I know… the scene of Shaina running around won’t add much, almost nothing, to the movie, but I couldn’t help it. She’s just too cute). The “pop-up” closure (more, later). Some scene in Paris. Thesis defense. The interview. That’s pretty much it. Roughly 500 minutes in total.

I’m not satisfied.

  • The writing process was ok, I think I could capture the tense, except…
  • Something sad happened. Mbak Yoen’s dad was passed away about 2 weeks before the deadline. Let’s put all the empathy away and be a ruthless filmmaker for a while. I was still in Salzburg when I found out about it. Nobody told me, I just opened my email in the right moment. I didn’t even have time to think. Even if someone did tell me, I probably still don’t know what to do. Maybe some sneak peek from the “tahlilan” (could ask someone do it with just the video function of regular digicam). I did call Mbak Yoen on the last minute, she was already in Schiphol on the way back to Indonesia. And I stupidly didn’t remember that my digicam can also record video! But even then, what could I do. I called using a headset, it was impossible to record any sound anyway (come to think of it, maybe it can be done somehow with the computer, but… yeah, really, picture me in an internet stall, just got a shocking news, so short time, not only because Mbak Yoen was in Schiphol already but I was also on the way to Munich). Bottom line, the moment has passed.
  • The closure. I didn’t plan it to be a closure but I got it. The PERFECT closure, dialogue-wise, with the WORST angle you can think of. Stupid! Ifan reminded me that, despite the credo in Leonard school, I actually can take a re-shot. But I don’t know. Again, the moment has passed. You can not re-create the emotion. Although, I DID take a re-shot.
  • I made an interview. It was supposed to be fill-ins for the uncaptured gaps. Including, probably, the ugly closure. I was thinking in conservative way, discovery channel look. But even that I couldn’t do properly. Not with a sleepy-yet-over-excited kid around (and she paid a particular interest on my handycam and tripod, oh well…). I haven’t checked the result. Maybe I should.

The interview was supposed to be, you know, it. The wrap. But now I’m thinking of some more additional shots. The graduation ceremony (it was on the original plan, but somehow I exchange it with Paris trip. maybe still worthwhile to do, although I can’t. I have a practical. maybe should ask someone to do it). And I’m thinking of taking shots of Schiphol and Maastricht, just to get an impression. Will think about it.

It’s just, I’m running out of time.

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