12 September 2008


When I opened my friendster sometimes ago, I just realized that I lost a friend. I mean, someone was leaving my friendster. That is weird because all my friendster friends are Indonesian. We don't cut out friendship by ruthlessly leaving someone's friendster. We don't even reject a friend request. We just simply ignore it so if by any chance we meet the person who made the request, we can apologetically say, "I'm sorry, I haven't checked my friendster for a while." (Friendster is actually record the last time you login so this excuse is probably not working, but still...) If anything, your cousin's boyfriend's neighbor's sister or whatever might add you as friend and as long as you can track this relationship down (it's three instead of six now, by the way), you will happily add her to your friend list.

The funny thing is that, the person who just left my friendster, then added me to his facebook. I had a chat with Edo at the time and Edo suggested me to send him a message:
Sorry, only accept both friendster and facebook, not separately.
I actually never met that guy. He was a client, we exchanged emails. I think it's probably worthwhile to maintain this kind of relationship, although for such I'd rather use linkedin. Hmm... maybe I should ask him to connect to my linkedin (I'm thinking of asking one of my teacher too. I found his linkedin once and he only has one connection, probably the guy who invited him in the first place. Poor Harry)

So basically, in the social-networking-sphere, I know everyone in my network except a very few people that I added by accident, mostly because I thought he/she was someone else or we've met somewhere. Except for goodreads. I add everyone to my goodreads. As long as we read the same books, we are friends.

After all, 68% of these accounts are fake.

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