13 Juli 2008


It's holiday and here's my daily cycle:
  • Waking up
  • Going through my fridge to see if there's anything for breakfast
  • Having breakfast
  • Chatting, browsing, blogwalking, whatever you call it
  • Having lunch
  • Taking a nap or reading something (or both)
  • Waking up, feeling depressed that my life is really useless
  • Buzz Tia or Ahmad, asking them to go cycling or whatever (depend on whether it's raining or not), or calling Mbak Yoen, asking if I can come by to see Shaina (and have dinner)
  • Sitting before my desk, chatting, browsing, blogwaking, thinking of what to do tomorrow
  • Going to sleep
...and the cycle continues.

Anyway, having a lot of spare time make me going through old "gak penting" hobby, watching romantic comedy and sitcom Friends. Well, it just occur to me that I'd better watch something "heavy" like Ingmar Bergman or Béla Tarr (eyes on Budi ;;)), but what the heck. I love these all-feel-good movies :D

Something's Gotta Give. Hmm... I do think Jack Nicholson is sexy :D Yea... of course he's old, but, ah... perfect cast anyway. This movie just shows that rom-com is not only about thirty something. Before this, there was As Good As It Gets, actually. Again, Good Old Uncle Jack, with Helen Hunt. Love both, although, I prefer As Good As It Gets, a bit.

This movie was aired on TV a couple of days ago and I watched it with Tia. Tia just re-watched Music and Lyrics, which is also one of my favorites. "Cora Corman. Biggest star in the world, bigger than Britney and Christina put together." And Hugh Grant as an '80s has been. Brilliant! I was also going to watch this movie if I didn't suddenly get the urge to watch...

When Harry Met Sally. Yeah... it's a little bit... ummm... old :D And predictable (of course, it's predictable because I watched it for the zillionth time). And a little bit sexist? (Hmm... Nora Ephron was involved somewhere) But the thing is, I stick to my theory that this shape the face of rom-com for... ever. No, no, exaggerated. At least, bunch of rom-coms following the exact same plot (That's what I wrote a couple of years ago for an article titled "Laugh Story" that was recklessly edited to the lame "You Make Me Laugh" "U Make Me Laugh" :D To summarize (1) The man meet the woman (2) Fatal attraction (3) Here comes trouble (4) ...and they finally live happily ever after). Plus, Meg Ryan was synonymous to rom-com for a long time. And this scene is still phenomenal to date. Definitely a classic :D

Friends. Oh... awrite... Friends? Again? But watching Friends is... easy. Maybe not as sharp as Seinfeld or Will and Grace, but that's actually it. You don't think, you just watch and laugh, even if you watch it for God knows how many times.

I started watching Friends in high school. Because it was cool. Then, I watched it again in college, with my good friends. That's what made it worth. And later, after leaving college, I became them.

The "reality bites" things, how the real world treats you, money problems, uncertainty, failed relationships. Especially in the first 2 or 3 seasons, when things weren't so complicated and I definitely could identify myself with the story. Even now, at least the last point still bugging me ;)

Anyway, watching Friends is like examining an example of "how to write a situation comedy". The three acts structure, the characterizations, everything! You can identify the elements rather easily, and you can see it as negative or positive thing. Because even now, I still point out "this twist" or "that subplot", which actually make the watching less fun. In general, it reminds me of malam-malam tanpa masa depan the good old days in Srigading :D How's our beloved Rumah Deket going, by the way :-?

And one more thing. My way of watching Friends is also evolved with time. First, in television. Then, with original VCD. Next, pirated DVD. And now, broadband streaming :D

[pictures were taken from here, here and here]

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