29 April 2008


Years ago in LFM, we were watching Man on the Moon, a biopic of Andy Kaufman. The ending showed an appearance of Tony Clifton, Kaufman's alter ago. After the movie, we had a long debate over the finale. Who did Clifton? Was it Bob Zmuda? But Zmuda was there. Did Kaufman actually fake his own death? But how…?

The debate went on (for a few days, I think) until Johan came with the fact that the scene was not real. It was Zmuda who did Clifton. Of course, making an open ending (a smart choice made by Milos Forman and the scriptwriters) strengthening Kaufman’s character as pictured in the whole movie.

So it was a bit of turn off.

I was reminded of that experience after watching Into the Wild yesterday. It was a great movie. I adore Sean Penn and I fell in love with Chris. And then of course, as any master student with scientific mind person with broadband would do, I checked wikipedia.

Well, it’s not exactly a turn off, but there’s surely a controversy. Or I’d better say, the other side of the story.

So I’ve been thinking, is it really a good idea to check the facts regarding a biopic, or movies based on true story in general? Sometimes it can really spoil the movie. I really can’t remember any movie at this moment, but I was sure I had had been disappointed, knowing the truth, after really excited about a movie. Too much information not always a bless.

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  1. suicide, eh?

    yah..nyambung dong kalo gitu..
    dia nggak beli kompas, peta, dan gak mempelajari cukup banyak, well.. deep down inside he wanted to die cos he was so unhappy with his life - the initial reason of his travel.

    tau nggak.. for me, the saddest part of the movie was when he turned down that old man's request for him to be his adopted son.

  2. Adriansyah30/4/08 10:55

    I remember putting my thoughts clearly that time. It goes like, "well, we enjoy the movie. But why do we have to believe even its small parts? Let alone fussing around it? It may have been creative license on creator's part."
    Spoiling it would be a necessary risk. Viewing a biopic is to succumb in a certain point of view. To get a bigger picture, we have to anticipate anything. :)

  3. @vira: yeah, that scene was indeed sad. suicide or naive stupidity? haha, don't wanna talk about it

    @ifan: fussing around small parts is a very kine klub thing, rite? I myself prefer not to (and I don't have the eyes and the memory for details, I think). and in the end, I prefer to enjoy a movie AS a movie

  4. adriansyah2/5/08 22:17

    Yup. I enjoyed details.

    But I don't necessarily believe them. :D