27 November 2007


Once on a very productive chat, Edo and I developed a theory on how email hoax can sustain. It's not because of there are people out there who still attempt to bomb internet with fake stories (well, there are some, though). Part of the responsibility lays on companies who believe internet will decrease their employees' productivity, yet they need a cheap and easy way to communicate and also something elegant to put on business card. So they give their employees email access without internet. That's why their employees still get panicked when they receive email about the cancer risk of optical mouse, and forward it to everyone on their address book. Well, at least it shows that they have good network :D

Another thing about this email forwarding, even if it's not a hoax, is sometimes you just don't have any interest at all on what's being forwarded. One thing I learn about scriptwriting is this rule of thumb: know your audience. I guess it applies for all writing, including email. Ok, you're amused with cute power point slideshow about friendship, but I'm... not really (not to mention the fact that I already got that from another friend). For me, just a killer joke will do ;)

If you want to blab and don't bother about your audience reader, my advise would be, just BLOG IT. Blog is your home. You can write anything in it and people don't have to read it (of course, that's probably what I'm doing :D) And it probably also saves you from network loss due to nasty/outdated/hoax/ inappropriate joke forwarded email incident. The thing is, it's probably not so easy to blog if you don't get internet access (back to those poor employees on paragraph 1). Oh, well...

*I don't know where the above picture originated. Maybe I better google it

4 komentar:

  1. You talk about me? Lu nyindir gw? *sensi*
    Atau terinspirasi dr gw? *geer*
    Yah,smg yg tdk gw dapatkan d kota metropolitan ini bs gw dapetin d ujung pedalaman ;p
    Btw,ngeblog bknny bwt eksis? Kd 'menimbang' audience jg dong? Kan sedih kl ga ada yg komen.. ;p

  2. Adrian Syah27/11/07 13:52

    "Ok, you're amused with cute power point slideshow about friendship"

    Houahahahaha. Forgive me, you all positive-type-easy-to-amaze-people, I don't mean to be cynical..., but, frrr, do excuse me..., HOUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  3. @wildy: hihi, gue nyepet seseorang tapi bukan elo si. nyepet tdk tepat sasaran, da dianya ga pernah buka blog gue :D

    sedih kl ga ada yg komen? untung ada elo :D

    btw eksistensi blog mah pertama tdk ditentukan pada sadar audience. yg penting mah posting *siul2*

  4. hihihi...lucu gambarnyaaa...!!! :D