05 Mei 2006


Just find this site. It's marvelous!

Here's one for example.

How To Rehabilitate Yourself From Being Emo:

1) Burn all of your CDs, they suck.

2) Get rid of your plastic jewelry.

3) Get rid of your clothes.

4) Buy new clothes, two sizes bigger than your old clothes, and not all black. (FROM THE RIGHT SECTION! NOT CLOTHES DESIGNED FOR THE OPPOSITE SEX!)

5) Dye your hair back to its original color.

6) If you don't need glasses, stop wearing them. If you need glasses, get contacts.

7) Get rid of any hair gel, hairspray, or hair straightener that you have been using to hold your hair in your face.

8) Get some scar removal cream and put it on your wrists.

9) Stop talking to your other emo friends.

10) Tear down posters, peel off stickers, burn magazines, and give away anything else that reminds you of your old life.

11) Get rid of all of the crappy poems you wrote.

12) Make some new friends.

13) Stop crying so much.

14) Throw away your Converse All-Stars. You have at least five pairs, get rid of all of them.

15) Enjoy not being emo.

(quoted from http://how2dostuff.blogspot.com)

2 komentar:

  1. tambahin, tambahin!
    16) stop listening to Emo Lerian.

    gara-gara akuuu... malas bersih-bersih... :)